Monday, June 2, 2008

Blogosphere Divide: JT 2, Parcells 2

As many of you know, we often refer to FinsNation, Phinsider, and PhinFever for Dolphins commentary. All have been loyal - if not perturbed - providers on the Jason Taylor-Bill Parcells feud.

Well today, it seems the battle lines have been drawn, with two on each side. Not since the fabled clash of D'Artagnan & Porthos vs. Athos & Aramis in Dumas' Twenty Years After has such division fermented among allies. Alas, such is the way of things.

Let's start with the Parcellsists. Phinsider comes out strongly against Jason Taylor. His words:

"To be honest, though, this whole entire situation just sickens me. It really does. And what I'm hoping for is for Taylor to be traded...and traded soon."

PhinFever joins in dissent:

"All of his actions, in this blogger’s opinion, have been detrimental to the team. His initial decision to be on Dancing with the Stars has caused this media maelstrom. Him missing mandatory mini-camps and eventually training camp will only add to the frenzy. The rumors that he wants to be traded, and yes he does, along with the idea that Hollywood is waiting for him, have all caused distractions for what the new front office wants to do."

And now to the Taylorists, myself included. FinsNation shows a bit of bravery as he makes his case, despite its apparent unpopularity. I give you one of the non-vulgar quotes (there are few):

"Point is: I side with JT. He's done nothing wrong. Parcells could and should have defused the situation from the beginning and handled it quietly and responsibly. Now, I understand that most of you disagree with my stance. That's cool. Disagreements are a part of what makes sports fun, and debates are a healthy way to hash out differences of opinion."

Well FinsNation, you have some company here at The South Florida Fan. What does Jason Taylor owe this franchise; the same franchise that treated him like garbage this entire offseason; the same franchise that gave him horrible coaches and horrendous draft picks for teammates; the same franchise that leaves him at the twilight of his career with nothing close to a ring. My god, what a terrible person!

How dare he want to play for a winning team??? How dare he seize an elusive opportunity to boost a post-NFL career by going on Dancing With the Stars and milking it for all its worth? All this, while Bill Parcells acted like a total jackass. JT, you have our full support. Now come back and play for us!

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Stanley C. said...

I have no problems with JT wanting to leave. I remember Ray Bourque, who played with the Bruins for 20+ seasons and never got a Cup ring. His career was clearly winding down, Boston admittedly was going through a rebuilding, he asked for a trade, RESPECTFULLY and professionally, got traded to Colorado and got his ring. Boston loved him for it, they still worship him there. It's how Jason Taylor is going about doing it, Dancing with the Stars, fine. Do what you want to do. But to be absent for your OTA's when you "love being here"? To wander into training camp, say hi to your buddies, then leave again? Parcells had every right to ignore him. If Taylor isn't going to commit to the Fins, why should Parcells acknowledge him? (Parcells isn't even the coach to begin with. Who cares what he does\doesn't do to you). Just give Jason what he wants, get what you can out of it, and move on.

Of course, you could always have the Kobe Bryant syndrom... ask for a trade, vow to never play for the Dolphins again... then at the trade deadline acquire all-star talent, have a change of heart, pledge your never-dying love for the Dolphins and win the Super Bowl...