Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I'll probably have another post up later today about the Marlins, but I'm just too pissed off to share any real insight. Last night's game was heartwrenching, just like two other games on this road trip. Very difficult to take.

I do want to pass on an absurdly amusing tale, however, courtesy of Fish Stripes. This is one of the most ridiculous and laughable comments I've ever heard:

"Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer told a Philadelphia reporter Sunday that he was upset that Jeremy Hermida, whom he hit with a pitch, wore protective armor on his elbow.

''If you get hit on the elbow, you don't feel it when you have armor on,'' Moyer said. ``He goes to first base and probably doesn't even have ice on it after the game. You are supposed to have a medical reason to wear it.''

Problem: Hermida doesn't wear armor on his arm.

''I wear a sock,'' Hermida said. ``It's just one of those things pitchers wear, those little sleeves. I just wear it to keep my arm loose.''

Hermida said he cuts the toe out of one of his black athletic socks and slips it over his elbow."

COME ON! It's not as if anything Jamie Moyer could throw would hurt. Maybe it's like a Napoleon Complex, except with speed. I hope Moyer's feeling a little ashamed, because that's pathetic.

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