Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Little More JT

Just a little more to report for you. Sorry for those of you who have grown disenamored with this story...it's what's making headlines around the South Florida blogosphere, so I feel compelled to report it.

As you know, I've been adamant in my support of Jason Taylor over Bill Parcells. I want to share an additional opinion that I posted on Phinsider:

"What amazes me, though, is how you can just ignore the track records of the parties involved. Let’s see:

1. Jason Taylor – Always great teammate, always prepared for season, stayed loyal to a horrid team through coaching changes, poor personnel moves, and media scrutiny.

2. Bill Parcells – Reputed jerk, gets into squabbles with teammates and media constantly, doesn’t dignify people by saying their names (which is so unbelievably rude, by the way), known dictator, no-nonsense yet pervades nonsense. Bailed on teams EVERY SINGLE TIME, plays teams against each other to make more money.

Think about that before you start making assumptions. All Jason Taylor did was follow a great opportunity. The rest is Parcells being a prick."

Anyway, now that I've gotten in my two cents about fifty times, let me share a couple good JT links:

FinsNation shows that Jason Taylor has support from fellow players. As for how the situation will play out from here, Matty of Phinsider puts together an elaborate post here. There a lots of possibilities, but I still hope and maintain that we'll see Taylor in a Dolphins uniform next year.


E.J. said...

JT is a great figure to hold on to in the South Florida community. That said, I don't blame him at all if he wants to leave. What self-respecting adult, let alone a defensive field general like Taylor, appreciates being treated like a child by a haughty boss?

ASponge said...

That's exactly how I feel too, but it seems we're a minority among temperamental Dolphins fans.