Monday, June 9, 2008

Introducing A Pretty Good Guy (APGG)

This weekend, I had the pleasure of running across an excellent blogger. He goes by the name A Pretty Good Guy, though whether he can live up to that billing remains to be seen. Kidding, of course.

What struck me about this particular personage, however, was how knowledgeable he was on the Marlins...and not just the Marlins, but David Samson and Logan Kensing. You all may remember Logan Kensing as the co-star of the oh-so-popular Logan & Josh pre-game show on FSN (with Josh Johnson). Well, it seems our friend Logan has some pretty sadistic habits.

As APGG reports:

"Our pal Logan likes to:
track wild hogs and coyotes with a helicopter hovering over his native Texas, then gun them down from above."

You don't need to be a member of PETA to find that unsettling. It's one thing to hunt game for dinner, but that just seems unnecessary, senseless killing. Can't he find a video game for that?

It also doesn't help (a comment A Pretty Good Guy also articulated) when Logan Kensing is blowing games left and right. Remember, he turned a 5-4 Marlins lead into a 7-5 deficit on Saturday. If you follow the link, you'll see the questions Evan Goldman asked David Samson relating to this topic. I highly recommend it. From now on, you'll be able to follow A Pretty Good Guy in our left link sidebar, which is reserved for only the best of bloggers!


Evan Goldman said...

Thanks for the mad props - we're down with SFFB as well. I mentioned in a previous comment that I was on hand to see Logan's Run of bad pitching Saturday nite. Thank goodness Freddi pulled him for Badenhop.

On another note, how about that RABID crowd on Saturday. Who cares if they showed up for a Salsa concert. It was an awesome environment for baseball.

ASponge said...

We've been saying the same thing. The crowds may not be large, but they've been VERY spirited lately. I love the chants, cowbells, curtain calls. Just wonderful.

If you'd ever like to write a guest piece on the Marlins, just let us know. We'd love to have you.

Jay Warman said...

I witnessed some pretty awful Logan Kensing pitching performances in Atlanta.

I think we need to start letting Joe Nelson pitch the 8th inning. Miller, Lindstrom and Kensing have all been awful lately.