Monday, June 9, 2008

Edinson Volquez: Beatable?

The Marlins have the tall order of battling rookie sensation-of-all-sensations Edinson Volquez, who has been virtually unhittable all season. The Marlins have had a little success in these situations (Jorge Campillo, for example), but it's going to be very very tough.

The good news is that the Marlins have seen him before, so they won't be stymied by anything novel. Interesting that Mark Hendrickson once again gets the call (and I think we all have less faith in him now). Let's look at how they performed the first time:

- Volquez went 6.0 innings, giving up 7 hits, ER, 2 BB, 5 K, 110 pitches

- The 7 hits: Hendrickson two singles, Cantu single, Uggla single, Amezaga single, Hermida single (so in other words, the Marlins ought to bat Hendrickson in the third spot)

- Hendrickson surrendered 4 ER, 8 hits, 5 BB in just 5.0 innings

Based on the above data, here's what we can conclude:

1. The Marlins need to maximize their hits, since doubles and homers are unlikely.

2. Mark Hendrickson MUST turn in a better showing (2-3 runs tops).

3. Volquez can labor a bit, so the Marlins might be able to tire him out by the 6th inning if they show patience at the plate.


Jay Warman said...

we got this

Jay Warman said...

or not. Thanks Hendrickson and Pinto. Awesome game.

Paul Bako rules.