Monday, May 12, 2008

Living in a "State" of Baseball Euphoria

Wildfires are crossing the state, it's an ordinary Monday, and yet I find myself bubbling with something I haven't felt in euphoria!

All our posters seem to have gotten a case of it, and it's highly contagious. You know the Marlins are making news when The South Florida Fan favorite Rick of SFDB kicks off his Cooler (not Sift) with: "How 'bout them Marlins?!!! That and just a few other stories from your mainstream media for you to read and discuss."

So what if we've endured a 1-win Dolphins season, a 15-win Heat season, another playoff-less Panthers season. The Marlins have the best record in all of baseball! The Rays have dominated competition in thrilling fashion! Ah yes...euphoria feels good.


E.J. said...

:: Cough :: Cough ::

Don't forget the #1 Baseball Canes

:: Cough :: Cough ::


Jay Warman said...

you got a cold ej?

E.J. said...

Yeah, it's nasty - orange and green phlegm included. Sorry for the gross but sure-to-amuse imagery :)