Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fans Forget Those Whom Fortune Forsakes?

In Charlotte Bronte's preeminent masterpiece Jane Eyre, she remarks how "friends always forget those whom fortune forsakes." Despite the statement's inherent truth, one has to wonder if those same words apply to fandom, especially in the more "fairweather" areas such as South Florida.

Well, in the last five days, fortune has forsaken the Marlins. The once-charmed team is now dropping every 1-run game, losing in spectacular fashion time after time. To say the tables have turned is an understatement; the other shoe has dropped with such a thud that the table has hit the team squarely in the face, battering the players' wounds and expectations.

Don't give up, Marlins fans. Just as Bronte tries to illustrate, now is when the Marlins need you the most. Don't abandon the team because of one heartwrenching stretch. Things were at such a high a week ago. They can be again!


Jay Warman said...

I'll be there. Fish get off the schnide tonight!

ASponge said...

You should write a post talking about how you're going to turn the fortunes around!

Paul said...

Very well said. I haven't given up yet. I always knew that however amazingly this team was performing, they are still young and still have some flaws to work out. The fish have been lucky in one regard, during the four game losing streak the Phillies and Mets have been almost as bad, so with a couple wins this weekend they could still find themselves in a good position going forward.

ASponge said...

Thanks for the optimism Paul. Having been a law student myself, I find that especially invigorating.