Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jacque Jones Released

Yesterday, we talked about the possible inclusion of Jacque Jones on the Marlins roster. The center field spot is definitely one that can be improved, and there are compelling reasons for Jacque Jones to be its next inhabitant:

1. He wants to be a Marlin.

2. He's a legitimate leadoff hitter, with real speed.

3. The Marlins tried to trade for him last year, so they clearly covet him.

4. And now, he has officially been released by the Tigers.

All signs point to the direction of him joining the Marlins. Here's what had to say:

"Tigers released outfielder Jacque Jones.
Detroit couldn't find a taker for Jones during the window to trade him, so they're now on the hook for his $3 million salary and he's free to sign with another team. The Marlins are said to be interested."

Cheap? Can choose any team he wants? South Beach, first place, no pressure, lots of playing time? This seems like something destined to happen.


Reader Tom said...

How can you call someone with a career OBP of .327 a legitimate leadoff hitter? He has never had an OBP higher than .341 (2002). Juan Pierre is better at getting on base.

Turd Ferguson said...

better than seeing Amez everyday