Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is Nolasco Becoming Good Again?

It's a question I have to ask. We all remember Nolasco as the guy who showed flashes of brilliance in the 2006 season, only to fall victim to injuries and ineffectiveness in 2007. Is he finally back?

I think he is. He was throwing some professional stuff last night, working the fastball very effectively with the rest of his arsenal. The key thing for him, much like Olsen and Miller, is the ability to throw strikes. He seems to have regained a lot of that control, which allows him to challenge the hitters from a higher vantage point.

Olsen and Hendrickson have been terrific so far, but the Fish need a third guy to step up to stay in contention. I'm beginning to believe Nolasco is that guy.

For the record, he's allowed just four runs in his last three starts (one was 4.2 innings, though). The resurgence of Nolasco could be critical to the Marlins' success...more than people realize.

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