Monday, May 19, 2008

Instant Replay Gains Support

We've argued before here at TSFF, with some degree of vehemence, that baseball needs instant replay. Aside from the usuals suspects like Angel Hernadez and Dan Iassogna, the umpiring throughout the league has continued to decline.

Lately, the case has been building. David Samson, for instance, told the Marlins' TV guys that he would endorse replay, but cautioned that baseball tends to move at a turtle's pace. What proponents needed was a truly botched call on the national stage, and they got it last night.

In last night's Mets-Yankees game, Mike Reilly blew a Delgado HR call after conferring with his team of befuddled umpires. Buster Olney jumps on board with us today, using that as his example.

It's getting crowded on the instant replay train. I think it's time it left the station.


Turd Ferguson said...

it's funny

if this wasn't an ESPN game between the 2 New York teams, no one would give a rats ass

ASponge said...

That or some game involving the Red Sox. It's ridiculous.