Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jacques Martin Gets an A?

Jacques Martin seems to have his share of skeptics on this blog. I don't pretend to know more about hockey than Imber, FloridaPanthers4Ever, or Stanley C., but I think it's time we say a nice word about Mr. Martin as GM.

So far, he's done all we could have wanted. Is it possible that his management skills were stunted by his coaching responsibilities?

Better yet, does Martin deserve the benefit of the doubt in that regard? I say yes! Let's show him some love, because as far as the Panthers are concerned, he can say l'etat, c'est moi!


Imber said...

Still too soon to praise. Signing Frolik was HUGE. He's still got a LOT of work to do. Like I said, re-sign Bo, and get some good talent this free agency along with a great coach, and I'll sing his praises.

FloridaPanthers4ever said...

OMG MAN, I for one am a JM lover!

come on look what he has done:

Turned the horrid Luongo deal into a Bertuzzi for a stud in Matthias! THATS HUGE. Signing Horton, Allen and Weiss long term! Getting Vokoun for 4 years. Cullimore/Johanson/Welch!

Lets just hope all of this good talk doesnt result in a Jokinen trade and a failed contract for Bouwmeester.

It's the Panthers offseason, anything can happen!

FloridaPanthers4ever said...

forgot Skrastins! and signing my main man Frolik!!!!!!!

Mark my words, Frolik in a FULL season in the NHL will score 25-30 goals! (60+ points)