Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beasley to the Bulls a Decoy?

It seems pretty evident that everyone here at The South Florida Fan (TSFF) wants the Bulls to take Michael Beasley so the Heat can claim Derrick Rose. Both EJ and I had heard reports that the Bulls were seriously leaning Beasley, which would pave the way for our dream come true.

Since we expounded on that speculation, it would only be fair to present the counterpoint. According to the well-versed Steve Alexander of, we shouldn't be jumping to conclusions:

"Oh, and as for Joey Dorsey's claim that he knows the Bulls and John Paxson will take Michael Beasley with the first pick. Um, no Joey, incorrect. I guarantee you Paxson hasn't even had time to focus on that draft pick, as he's still trying to shuffle things together and find a frickin' coach! Once he does that (um, Mike D'Antoni is no longer available, Jerry Reinsdorf), then Pax and his mystery coach can get together and talk about whether it's Beasley or Derrick Rose (I say Rose - Duh). But out of all the stories I've heard, I believe Paxson. No way he has even given serious consideration to his draft choice at this point. He still needs to find a head coach, who will also have a say in the matter. And as for Reinsdorf still being in charge in Chicago? Turn the page."

Well, Doug Collins was just named the coach. I'm assuming he has considerable sway in this decision, so let's pray he likes Beasley.

Oh, and it may not be the worst thing if the media quiets down on Beasley to the Bulls...we wouldn't want them psyching Chicago into rethinking (if it is indeed true).

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E.J. said...

I've heard that Paxson and Riley don't have the warmest of relationships. It is possible, of course, that Paxson is sending these trial balloons out and trying to screw with Riley's (and my) head.

Fortunately, Riley knows these games well, and has already thought several steps ahead of Paxson and whatever motives he may possess. Rest assured that Pat, in true Pat fashion, is enduring sleepless nights over the many different ways that draft night and its aftermath may play out.