Thursday, May 29, 2008

NL East a Total Dogfight

With the Braves' victory today, things have gotten more jumbled. As I write, the Mets are also on the verge of winning, so I'll give you the current standings with the assumption that they win:

Florida 30-22
Philadelphia 31-24
Atlanta 29-25
NY Mets 26-26
Washington 23-32

As we've mentioned, the Marlins and Phillies meet for the first time this weekend. The Mets host the Dodgers, the Braves are in Cincinnati. We should have a far better read on things come Sunday evening.

A series win in Philadelphia would be an excellent goal, while perhaps the Braves and Mets will drop two. A sweep in Philadelphia? That would give quite a bit of breathing room. Lose the series and the Phillies are the new NL East leaders. Lots and lots at stake here. It's gut-check time.

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