Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NBA Insight and More

Is it just me or are the NBA rumors more interesting than the games? Since the Heat aren't going from worst to first, lets look at reality. A healthy Wade (if not all future entries with be discontinued and I'll be watching Bill Murphy in Groundhog day), Marion (so what if it's 17m plus) and Beasley (I love lefties) as your top three. Haslem, Wright, Banks, and Mourning as your 5 to 8. Basically we need to find a number 4 to be a playoff team and beat an aging Detriot,and a not really that good Boston. Nobody scares me and the Portland State grad will suprise with his coaching.

Breezing thoughts: Quit telling me to go see the Marlins after 13 years of garbage. I'll take the Heat title for this season's record, but baseball's about hope and mine looks like it's moving to Cuba. Do they have hockey down here? Orlando would be better. Can't wait until the NBA draft hoping for a rose to bloom.

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ASponge said...

We won't quit telling anyone to watch the Marlins, because they're a damn good team...a team worth watching!

Despite our differences, your opinion is appreciated, of course.