Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lineup Shifts Under Review

The two big shifts to the Marlins lineup, mostly the result of the Jacobs and Willingham injuries, were Hanley to the 3rd spot and Uggla to the 5th. What began as a 7 game winning streak has turned into a terrible stretch. Are changes needed?

Fish Stripes makes the case that Hanley should return to leadoff. Fredi Gonzalez appears to be thinking the same thing, so don't be surprised if the change is instituted tonight.

As for Uggla, there's no doubting his increased productivity. Fish Stripes also cautions against this, attributing it as much to Uggla's historic May dominance than any lineup shift.

Craig and I have seen eye-to-eye on most things, but this is a scenario in which we disagree...in both cases. Hanley has certainly slumped, but I don't think it has had anything to do with his lineup position. The offense has not been the problem.

In the last six games, here are the Marlins' run totals: 7,3,6,6,7,3. That averages to 5.33 runs per game, which is more than the team's season average of 4.95 runs per game. If you discount the aforementioned six games, the team averaged 4.89 runs per game. This was all without Willingham.

The Marlins' problem has been terrible relief pitching of late. Three losses fall directly on the bullpen. If anything, the Marlins' bats have been better than ever. In my view, the Marlins should keep the lineup as is.

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craig said...

That is another way of looking at it.

I suppose what it all comes down to, is that no one really knows why a player gets hot or goes into a slump.

Or at least I don't, but then again, I bought my crystal ball at a garage sale, so what do I know.

Nonetheless, I still stand by garage sale crystal ball, which has been wrong so many times before. It's all I've got.

BTW, y'all do great work at TSFFB!