Thursday, May 15, 2008

More on Last Night's Debacle

Now that my venom has been spewed adequately in the form of Roget's Thesaurus (or a comparable resource), I should acknowledge the fight in this Marlins team. This would be the second time they've come back from a big deficit, only to lose in startling fashion. Major credit should go to Fredi Gonzalez, Cody Ross, and company for putting together such a thrilling 9th inning barrage.

Let's address Fredi Gonzalez a little more now. Did he make a mistake by bringing Pinto out again for the 10th inning? Pinto already displayed some wildness in the 9th, and it was the two walks in the 10th that did him in.

Marlins Today puts the loss squarely on Fredi for that very reason. I give you Alex Carver's words:

"Renyel Pinto looked uncomfortable but still managed to wriggle out of trouble in the bottom of the 9th to send the game to extra innings. Despite his wildness, Fredi Gonzalez chose to send Pinto back out for another inning. That decision would prove to be the wrong one. Pinto got the first two outs in the 10th but then gave up two walks straight walks. With pinch runner Johnny Cueto standing at second, Janish smacked a tailing changeup to right. Game over.

For those keeping track, that’s three straight losses. Two of them can be blamed on ill advised decisions by Fredi. Hopefully he remembers to bring his brain with him to the yard tomorrow as the Marlins look to avoid the sweep in the finale of this four game set."

While I'm not as critical (after all, Pinto has been fantastic this year), I'm inclined to agree. Let's hope both Marlins Today and The South Florida Fan are singing some praises after tonight's game...where Fredi should bring his brain to the yard (better that than his milkshake).


Paul said...

It's really amazing, the only games I haven't watched all season were the three against the Dodgers and the first three of this series; I really need to get in front of my TV tonight to help get the fish back on track. I'm actually kind of glad I haven't been watching recently, I'd have probably gotten pretty upset and wouldn't have been able to focus on my last law school exam.

ASponge said...


Your law school exams are killing us! We need you parked in front of that set!

Paul said...

Well let's hope this formula doesn't hold true, because I'll be studying for the bar exam this summer. On the bright side, I'll be at a couple of the games when the fish get up here to Philly in a couple weeks, which I'm really looking forward to.