Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cote's Rendition of 'The 4 Questions'

Greg Cote hosted his usual Monday chat, albeit on Tuesday (postponed a day for Memorial Day). As always, he was gracious with our questions. There's no better source on the state of Miami sports, so he's a great person to ask. Today's questions:

1. Q: Have your media counterparts in other cities started to take more notice of the Marlins? Are they finally getting some respect?

A: Yes, gradually, by degrees. Heard Boog Schiambi on the broadcast just yesterday touting Dan Uggla as an NL MVP candidate at this point. Acceptance coming hard, though. Lots of national folk still expect the starting pitching to wither.

Boog Schiambi isn't really an encouraging source, considering his previous history with the Marlins. A strong road trip against NL East rivals would make an impression, I'm sure.

2. Q: Are the Marlins Willie Randolph's worst nightmare? First they knock the Mets out of the playoffs last year, now they could knock him out of his job.

A: Yeah the "Fire Willie" signs have begun to sprout at Shea. Should his supporters counter with "Free Willie" signs?

As stated earlier, I think Randolph is getting too much of the blame. Then again, a new voice might be essential now.

3. Q: Do you see Elton Brand as a member of the 2008-09 Heat? What about Ron Artest?

A: I know Pat Riley has liked Elton Brand's game for years. Ron Artest would be a great signing despite the baggage.

Cote and I wholeheartedly agree. I'd love to see these guys in a Heat uniform next year.

4. Q: Would you rather be stuck on a deserted island with Jason Taylor or Bill Parcells?

A: Oddly enough, probably Parcells. Because I'd rather talk football than dancing. (Time for one more question. Who wins the nonexistent prize!?)

I completely disagree here. First of all, I'd imagine Bill Parcells would eat the bulk of the available food resources. He'd also be pretty useless in terms of hunting and fishing. His grumpy demeanor couldn't be too good for morale either.

And hey...Jason Taylor could teach me how to dance!


E.J. said...

How much do you like Brand/Artest, Asponge? Better than Sean Marion?

Jay Warman said...

O yea, thats an easy one EJ. Brand and Artest fo' shizzle.

E.J. said...

I think I'd take Brand over Marion, but not Artest over Marion. Artest has the headcase issues, plus you gotta believe that he's in the downslope of his career.

In any event, I wouldn't mind keeping Marion. DWade wants him to stay, and he's a defensive force and will provide the Heat with always-solid rebounding and could be the young, perfect compliment to the Wade/Spoelstra run-n-gun movement.

Jay Warman said...

Ya know, Artest is a swell defender and rebounder too. But no doubt, he is a crazy person.

You are right about Marion fitting into a run n gun.

But this should be Pat Riley's decision, not DWade's. As we found out firsthand with Shaq and the 2006 team, doing what the players want (keeping that group together to "defend" the title) is not always the best idea.

ASponge said...

I think the Heat's biggest weakness is defense. Ron Artest would immediately alter the landscape of the team...imagine every star player being clamped down. He can shut down Lebron, Kobe, Pierce, etc.

...so long as he stays out of jail, of course/