Sunday, May 18, 2008

More on Wes Helms

Just how good was the Wes Helms pickup? Let's take a look:

1. The rival Phillies ate all $3 million of his remaining contract.

2. The Marlins are paying him nothing.

3. He has delivered THREE game-winning hits, including the Miracle on Passover, a 10th-inning homer in Milwaukee, and last night's 3-run bomb.

4. With Mike Jacobs out on extended absence, Helms filled the role adequately enough. His overall stats are pretty atrocious (.225/.273/.380), but in "Close & Late" situations, he's .389/.450/.778. Some will attribute that to luck, but there's no denying the impact his timely hits have had on the team. Luck or not, he's delivering when it counts.

Not bad for a guy on the Phillies payroll.


Turd Ferguson said...

Helms cost the Marlins $1.00

Jay Warman said...

Well spent.

As Cantu continues to struggle with the glove, Helms may be better served filling in for him late in games as a d-replacement than for Jacobs, whose bat is invaluable.