Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This Cody Ross Thing is a Joke

The man is a freak. In a good way.

Out of his last nine hits, eight are homers. He has four RBI tonight and he just gave the Fish a 5-4 lead over the under acheiving Metropolitan Baseball Club of New York. He hit three homers in a game against the Mets in 2006, stay tuned because he could do it again tonight.

As Ross rounded the bases - again - the boos rained down on the Mets - again. He is now batting .207. He only has 19 hits this season and nine of them are homers.

The slumping Jeremy Hermida better pick it up or Ross is going to take his job. Ross' production right now is too valuable.

In my opinion, Fredi has to find a place for this guy in the lineup every night until he cools off.

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