Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rain-Outs Soon to Be Gone

The Marlins were rained out for the first time at home this season. The precipitous Florida weather has finally decided to appear after a long hiatus (remember those wildfires?)

Enjoy these rain-outs while you can, because 2011 should mark the end of them. When the Marlins put that retractable roof atop their new stadium, every fan can feel certain of a game, all while enjoying the benefits of air conditioning. I for one can't wait.

One also has to wonder if Jay Warman will attend the double-header to make up for the game he missed.


Jay Warman said...

I'm thinking about it...Can't find anybody to go with me.

The ultimate test of fanmanship is if you are willing to go to a double header alone...I don't know if I have it in me.

ASponge said...

Meet us there!

Jay Warman said...

I told you I have a great winning percentage!