Thursday, May 15, 2008

Preston Parker likely to play at FSU next season

According to this article from the Palm Beach Post, Preston Parker's playing days at FSU may not be over.

For anyone who missed it, Preston Parker was arrested in April for carrying a concealed weapon (without a permit) and possession of marijuana. He has since been convicted by a judge for a 3rd degree felony for carrying the concealed weapon, and a misdemeanor for the marijuana possession.

However, now the State Attorney's office is working to get a deal in place that reduces the felony to a misdemeanor, which would allow Parker to re-join the team. They claim they are doing this because, besides stealing a $10 DVD from Best Buy, Parker does have a mostly clean record.

Think about this for a second. Parker was sitting in his car in Palm Beach, and was first approached by an officer for a tint check because it was too dark. Upon searching the vehicle they find a concealed .45-semi-automatic-pistol and a "small amount" of marijuana, though reports say that there was both a small bag and a container.

Dark tint. .45 Pistol. Marijuana. Make your own inferences from that.

But now his charges have been reduced.

And what is the school going to punish him with?

Coach Bobby Bowden said at his annual tour stop in Polk County last month that Parker probably would be suspended for "a few games" this season.
Great. So maybe he'll miss the first two "pre-season" games against Western Carolina and Chattanooga, who, by the way, are both Championship Division (formerly known as I-AA) teams.

Way to set the standard, FSU.

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