Friday, May 30, 2008

ESPN Tackles Uggla-Utley

Perhaps in following our lead (I always knew ESPN looked to us for their stories...thanks guys!), ESPN decided to offer their own breakdown of the Uggla-Utley debate. If nothing else, it proves that there is, in fact, an ongoing debate (some of our Philadelphia phriends were reluctant to admit such a phrightening story).

A highlight:

"Utley is no slouch against hard stuff himself, batting .324 with a .647 slugging percentage and 1.060 OPS, but Uggla betters him in all three measures. Since batters typically see more fastballs than other pitches, Uggla should have a good chance of going toe-to-toe statistically with Utley all season long."

I like what I'm reading!

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