Saturday, May 31, 2008

Marlins-Phillies Game 2: The South Florida Fan and Liberty Ball

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And it's over! The Marlins take the second game of the series 7-3, evening things up and reclaiming first place in the NL East. The Braves lost again, the Mets won, so the Fish still have some breathing room above those two squads as well.

Tomorrow is going to be a real challenge. Not only is Jamie Moyer 7-0 lifetime against the Marlins, but this 2008 team is especially fastball-dependent. Andrew Miller will have to bring his A-Game. See you all tomorrow!

Chase Utley homers again to make it 7-3. That's now 7 total HRs for the series...5 more needed to match the over-under.

The thing I want to point out...Utley's right field shot is a double in every other major league park, except for maybe Yankee Stadium. Compare that with the left field balcony shots Uggla has had to hit and you can see the dramatic difference in difficulty. Ballpark plays a huge factor in the Uggla-Utley comparison, whether Phillies fans want to admit it or not.

No game can ever be declared over at Citizens Bank Park, so no reason to get too excited yet. That being said, Cantu and Ross both homer in the 6th, increasing the lead to 7-2. That's 3 HRs for the Fish tonight, matching the Phillies' 3 from last night.

Of all three games, this was probably the worst matchup for the Marlins. Cole Hamels just didn't have his good stuff tonight.

Lastly, can Cody Ross PLEASE become the everyday CF?, we're ready to join you in any campaign.

Luis Gonzalez goes yard! 4-2 Marlins. I've said all along that this series would come down to HRs, and the Marlins take a 1-0 lead tonight in that department. HUGE SHOT.

Welcome back to Philadelphia, Wes Helms! 2 RBI double! We're even at 2-2.

Great catch by Hermida on a sinking line drive from Rollins. Keeps it at 1-0 through 2, perhaps saving the game.

Phillies get a run, even though Nolasco pitches well. Things are just bouncing Philadelphia right now. Victorino gets his bat broken for a double, Nolasco balks, and Burrell gets a 2-out hit. Frustrating, but could be worse. 1-0 Phillies through 1.

Welcome aboard for Round 2! The Marlins lost last night, but that's water under the bridge. The Marlins couldn't score in the first, but the good news? Hanley's okay! We all thought he'd be out for the series. So go ahead and comment!


libertyball said... is having some technical difficulties right now, so I'm not able to watch the game. Pair that with the Red Wings playing, and I don't think I'll be watching it live, probably on replay tonight. Good luck, and good watching.

ASponge said...

We definitely respect hockey fans here at The South Florida Fan. Good luck to your Wings...and feel free to follow the game here. Hope your MLBTV gets fixed.

libertyball said...

So apparently Hamels is pitching like his last game. This does not bode well for the Phillies.

ASponge said...

Yeah, Hamels just didn't bring it tonight, while it seems Ricky Nolasco did.

The guy to watch out for tomorrow is Moyer. He's a complete Marlin-killer. They feast on right-handed hurlers, not lefty soft-throwers. He's had the Marlins hexed in every start.