Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Marlins Will Have Their Hands Full With D-Backs

The Marlins have an extremely difficult upcoming home series against the Major League-best Arizona Diamondbacks (28-16). This is not exactly the best time to be facing Arizona as the Marlins have now dropped 4 of their last 5 games and are barely hanging on to an NL East lead (1 game over the Mets). The pitching matchups are unfavorable for the Marlins and they have to face 9-0 Brandon Webb:

ARI: Owings (5-1, 3.81 ERA)
FLA: Hendrickson (5-2, 3.91 ERA)

ARI: Webb (9-0, 2.56 ERA)
FLA: Nolasco (2-3, 5.18 ERA)

ARI: Haren (5-2, 3.14 ERA)
FLA: Miller (3-3, 6.18 ERA)

The way the Marlins are playing, I would almost be content to settle for 1 win over these 3 games.

1 comment:

ASponge said...

I'll never go into a series taking 1 out of 3 wins, but I'd surely take 2.

I'd probably take 1 win and 1 game tied in the 9th.