Sunday, May 25, 2008

Approaching a Doubleheader

If you couldn't tell, I get very excited about doubleheaders. Sure, 6 hours of baseball isn't going to make those in your social life all too happy, but they put up with football Sundays in the fall!

Doubleheaders give each team a chance to - as they like to say in little league - both be winners! It's not about winning but having fun, right? Everyone can have it all.

Of course, not every doubleheader is split. Here's my guide to appraching today's game:

1. Marlins lose both games - SUCKS! Let's not even entertain the idea.

2. Marlins split the two games - Well, you came away with something. It's much more enjoyable if your team won the second game. In that case, you already accepted a loss and can spend an evening savoring the win.

3. Marlins win both games - So watch your team gain huge strides in the standings while salivating teal spitballs. The stuff of legends.

Either way, the doubleheader is one of the most exciting baseball attributes, and I wish we'd see more of them.

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Imber said...

Honestly, I can't think of anything I'd rather do less than watch 6-7 hours of baseball. :P

I can see why major baseball fans would get excited about this though. I'd love to see two hockey games in a day.