Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dolphins RBs Looking Good

Here's a quick update on the Dolphins RB situation. As many of you recall, the two-man force of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams was dominant a couple years ago, but various "off the field" problems sidelined Ricky Williams, while Ronnie Brown suffered a torn ACL. Here's an update on their progress:

Phinsider tells us that Ronnie Brown is ahead of schedule in his recovery. This from the Sun-Sentinel:

"Ronnie is way ahead of schedule. He spoke to the rookies at the recent minicamp and they were impressed by Brown's size, particularly, Jalen Parmele. With an ACL, you never know how complete the rehab is until he starts cutting. He still has more than two months before he has to face that."

I find that very encouraging.

As for the more mercurial of the two (and by that, I mean Ricky Williams of course), there's good news on that front too. As FinsNation informs in a way only he can (lashing out at Jets fans):

"Jets fans better be on their guard because I'm gonna show up and verbally kick them out of other people's houses! They cannot stop me or Ricky with conventional doucheyness. Their doucheyness has no power over us! Their doucheyness only makes us stronger!!! Bring it on, I say!

So, yea, Ricky is looking strong."

Great stuff. I can't wait to see the two-headed monster in action again. Maybe Ricky can even give Ronnie some of his weed to ease the pain.

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