Monday, May 19, 2008

Jacque Jones a Marlin

That's the rumor, and it's coming from a number of places. Usually, the first words of confirmation involve the phrase, "Ken Rosenthal reports," and here it is. According to Rosenthal:

"Jones, 33, will take a physical Monday morning. He initially will report to extended spring training in Florida to get back into playing shape, according to one source, then return to the majors as a fourth outfielder and left-handed hitter off the bench."

Marlins Today also confirms the report, so count on it happening.

The best part of this news, especially for you Cody Ross fans, is that Jones is not expected to start. He may take a few games away from Amezaga and Ross, but I don't see that changing so quickly. Brett Carroll will certainly be the one sent down (was he even up? You'd never have known it), but what happens when Willingham comes back? That shouldn't be for a while, but it will happen (we hope).

I don't see the Marlins sending down Alfredo Amezaga under any circumstances, so the clear choice would appear to be Robert Andino. The problem, of course, is that Amezaga would become the backup infielder as well as potential starting center fielder, creating a number of pulsating headaches for Fredi in his lineup formations. This is something to keep a close eye on.

In the meantime, we welcome yet another bargain bench player to the friendly confines of South Florida.


Turd Ferguson said...

I expect Jacque to eventually start vs righties.

Besides the fact Amezaga has no options left, there isn't a chance in hell he would ever be sent down.

Amezaga is best used in small doses, so hopefully he goes back to the bench where he belongs.

I'd rather not see him starting more than 1-2x a week

ASponge said...

Agreed on Amezaga. I'd put him in as a defensive replacement every game, though.

I'm a huge Cody Ross advocate these days. You prefer Ross or Jones?

Jay Warman said...

Cody vs Lefties. Jacque vs Righties.

Until Hammer gets back they can both play at the same time sometimes, one or the other can play left for Gonzo.