Sunday, May 18, 2008

Phin-Mates the New Bengals?

We've had a lot of positive coverage of the Parcells-era Dolphins lately. You all know I've even been a bit ridiculous, projecting playoff possibilities. As Jason Taylor keeps improving on Dancing With the Stars, so are the Dolphins in their offseason standing.

I regret to inform you, then, that there's a disturbing trend developing among Dolphins players: arrests. Phinfever tells us that the Dolphins now have four arrests this year, thanks to some misbehavior from CB Will Allen. PhinFever's thoughts:

"Even though I am one of the biggest supporters of "innocent until proven guilty" at Phinfever, this is starting to get irritating. It's only May and we already have four arrests on our record for the 2008 season."

Keep in mind that the modern-day record was set by the 2006 Bengals, who managed double digits in arrests. At four, the Dolphins aren't far behind. Right now, Ricky Williams is looking like the most upstanding citizen on the squad.

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