Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jason Taylor Dances, Blogosphere Cries Foul

The South Florida Fan just might be the only blog out there that admires Jason Taylor for his dancing prowess. There's something unsettling about ballroom dancing and football, apparently, and our fellow bloggers feel the need to puff their masculinity. Not so here at The South Florida Fan, where we're man enough to admit the virtues of dance.

PhinFever provides video of Dancing with the Stars, while making sure to say "You all know that I really am not into JT's Dancing With The Stars stint."

FinsNation had this to say in his piece: "Jason Taylor has made the final round of Dancing With the Stars. I know this because I can read. No so much because I watched last night's show. Because I didn't."

And Phinsider entitles his piece "The story that won't go away...because Jason Taylor will not let it."

Call us cultured wimps if you want, but our sensitivity will pay dividends on the dance floor...take us at our word.


The Dude said...

Actually, I'm rooting for JT to win this whole thing. And I support his dancing 100%, much to the chagrin of most of my readers. It's just that I find the DWTS show mind numbingly boring. But that's just me.

Thanks for the link-love AS!

ASponge said...

Hah! I'll write a slight retraction for you...and give you some more link-love in the process.