Thursday, May 22, 2008

Calling for the Super Broom

The Marlins get swept in Cincinnati, lose two of three to the Royals, and then go out and take the first two from the Diamondbacks. Go figure.

As improbable as the first two wins were (especially Nolasco over Webb), it doesn't get any easier tonight. We get our old pal, Andrew Miller, against the sizzling Dan Haren.

Miller will have to be Nolasco-esque to pull off the sweep, while the Fish need to chip away for at least 3-4 runs. The Marlins have had some success against top pitchers this year, such as Hudson and Oswalt, but they've also struggled (Smoltz and Volquez). Could last night's conquering of Webb open the bats up for a strong showing?

The one thing Miller absolutely CANNOT do is put the game out of reach in the 2nd inning. That's always my fear with him. If he gets it to the 4th without significant damage, then I like the chances. It's those early innings. We'll see.

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