Thursday, May 22, 2008

9 Days left to Sign Frolik

Will it surprise anyone if they don't get this deal done? For one, I expect them not to get the deal done. On top of this deal, theres the Bouwmeester contract. Does anyone think #4 will be wearing a Panther uniform next season?

Frolik is a special player, I want everyone to know that this draft pick might be one of the best draft picks they have made in YEARS. If they fail to get his contract done, I hope some season ticket holders wake up and realize this organization is going down the drain (well it has been for 7 years).

Frolik could easily come into the NHL and put up 20+ goals his rookie season. He is a rare talent and is known as Baby Jagr. I see Frolik maturing into a top line winger 80+ points a year. If they do not sign him, he will then re-enter in the NHL draft this coming July.

From what I have been apart of for all of these Panther offseasons, I give this organization a 80% chance that either Frolik or Bouwmeester does not get signed by the team. Wouldn't it be something if they both are let go via draft and trade. If that happens, I might be in for a new hockey sweater!

Rememeber, Cohen and JM both said that Bouwmeester was the center piece to the team and that Frolik is the most important prospect for the future of this franchise. They will have lied to all of us faithful fans if they fail to sign both.



FloridaPanthers4ever said...

Its good to see a lot of Panther fans commenting on a topic that could hurt them long long term if they don't get this player signed.

Oh well, this team won't be in South Florida for much longer!

Jacob R. said...

A lot of us read and agree, but just don't always comment. It's hard to use these google platforms sometimes. I also see the gravity of this situation. You have more interest than you think.