Friday, May 16, 2008

Marlins Rise in ESPN's Power Rankings

A weekly stop for me on my hunt for baseball knowledge is's MLB power rankings.
Not totally based on won-loss record, the rankings reflect how hot or cold a team is, or how good they are based on the opinions and research of espn employees.

It is hard to put too much stock in the power rankings, however I have found it amusing to watch the Marlins climb from the near-bottom to the near-top as the season has progressed and the "Worldwide Leader" has taken notice.

After a 1-2 start against the Mets, the Marlins were ranked 28th and the comment next to the Marlins logo fearlessly proclaimed: "You heard it here first: Opening Day starter Mark Hendrickson will be out of the Marlins' rotation by the end of May, if not earlier."

How's that one lookin'?

Anyway, as the Marlins' record has remained impressive, they have climbed the ladder. From 28th to 26th to 16th to 13th to 16th to 11th and now to 6th in this seasons' eight weeks.

This week, the brilliant power ranking comment ghost writers have come full circle, sort of: Mark Hendrickson already has more wins this season (five) than he had all of 2007 (four).

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