Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Always Utley in Philadelphia

Well, we opened the floodgates with the city of Philadelphia yesterday over the Uggla-Utley debate (see here). I have to give them credit...not only do they support their guy, but they do it with spirit. They also seem like fairly knowledgeable fans, so let's give them their due.

My goal was to accomplish two things:

1. Create some intensity between Marlins and Phillies fans. Let's face it...most of our NL East counterparts are focused on each other. The Marlins aren't even on their radar.

2. To alert our division rivals to Uggla's torrid start. While they were still steadfast in their support of Utley, many acknowledged that Uggla was better than advertised. I expect Uggla to garner more respect from now on.

I also want to extend a big thanks to all who participated. It was a lot of fun for me, and I hope we can continue to have discussions like this in the future. One possibility: Rollins vs. Hanley. Even better, how about Rollins-Reyes-Hanley? Let's get those Mets fans off the ledge and partaking too!


NE Phillies Phan said...

Wow...S. Florida fans are so completely like NE sports fans. An actual compliment from an opposing team.

Uggla concerns me because this might be his high-water mark season. He's in his prime having a "career" year by his standards so far and the entire team is performing above expectations. As Utley could be a 1st ballot HoF if he stays healthy, I think Uggla is a level below that.

On Rollins vs. Ramirez. Can I have Rollins glove and Ramirez bat? Rollins also has a knack for coming up huge in critical situations to get the team going. I don't know how clutch Hanley is as I rarely get to see the Marlins play. Defensively, Hanley probably should be moved to another position or even the outfield as he hurts the Marlins at SS. As for Reyes, he is overrated and he hasn't developed as a hitter like they orignally thought. He's still an excellent player but he has yet to take that step into super-stardom that was expected. He's still pretty young though.

E.J. said...

Here's another comparison - "Miami Vice" versus "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

While I was born and raised in South Florida, I must confess to siding with Philly on this one. "Miami Vice" has gained a cult following in recent years, but I'll take the irreverent and relentlessly sardonic "It's Always Sunny..." any day. Not to mention I'd much rather hang out with Danny DeVito than Don Johnson at a ballgame.

Advantage: Philly

ASponge said...

I don't think Hanley is particularly clutch, but it's not as if he chokes either.

His defense is definitely inferior to Rollins, but he has made considerable strides this year. He has a terrible habit of double-clutching on throws, which leads to late throws.

It also doesn't help when he's mired in a 1-17 slump and striking out nearly every time. Probably contract pressure.

Thanks for the incredibly insightful analysis!

ASponge said...

Oh, I love that show (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Did you see the one where they go on crack to get welfare?

NE Phillies Phan said...

If I had to pick, I'd take Ramirez over Rollins at this point in both their careers...the only thing that would worry me is the loss of leadership with Rollins gone.

E.J. said...

I did see that. That show is deliciously shameless.