Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Game Tonight

The first two games of the Marlins-Mets series went pretty much as expected. The Marlins took the first game against Mike Pelfrey, while stumbling against Santana in Game 2.

The Fish have a wonderful opportunity to assert their division dominance tonight. Not only would it stifle the Mets, but it would give the Marlins ammunition going into the huge weekend series in Philadelphia (a team destroying the ball right now).

Scott Olsen will try and rebound from a poor performance against the Giants. He'll face a shaky-of-late Oliver Perez. The problem, of course, is that the Marlins have struggled mightily against two kinds of pitchers: lefties and junk-throwers. Oliver Perez is both, known especially for his wildness...will the Marlins show enough patience to get men on base?

Perez dominated the Marlins in their first meeting this year, but much has changed. Olsen vs. Perez should be an exciting southpaw armageddon, with considerable bragging rights to go around. As TO might say, "Get your popcorn ready!"


libertyball said...

And now the moment you've been waiting for since starting that debate: A weekend series between the top 2 teams in the NL East. Here's to them being good games.

Also to further support my argument that Uggla will never be the All-Star are the voting #'s for second basemen as of tonight's games:
Chase Utley- 537,788
Kaz Matsui- 182,827
Mark DeRosa- 178,595
Dan Uggla- 125,745
Luis Castillo- 123,346

ASponge said...

Yeah, we never though Uggla would actually get the votes...we just thought he deserved them.

This should be a fantastic series! Thanks so much for the comment.