Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cody Ross is Heating Up

We know our friends at got a real kick out of our Cody Ross Wonder Boy story. Just look at the comments.

Well it's time to give Cody Ross another look. Hampered by a bad knee and a shortened Spring, Cody Ross slumped through April. At times, we wondered if the guy known for his gentility would ever find his way out. Guess what? He has.

Let's look at his April vs. May numbers:

April: .159/.188/.227, 3 Doubles
May: .300/.440/.900, 4HR, 8RBI

Whoa! This, while Alfredo Amezaga struggles. It seems like Cody Ross is ready to assume the starting spot in CF. Based on these numbers, I would encourage the Fish NOT to sign Jacque Jones, because the answer is already there.

The only question left: Was that a Wonder Boy moment?

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Anonymous said...

Da daaaa..... Daaaaaa Da duh daaaaaaaa ( music from the natural)
Cody Ross will hit 21 HR's and drive in 72 runs this year & sport a .291 BA----