Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Ironies of Baseball

The Marlins faced two pitchers in the same week:

1. Brandon Webb, 9-0
2. Barry Zito, 0-8

They beat one of them. It wasn't Zito. How does this happen?

It's just more evidence that on any given day, one baseball team can beat another. Baseball is filled with so many variables, and the Marlins had the misfortune of tasting the worst bitterness after inhaling the sumptuousness of the sweetest cola.

It's an extremely disappointing loss to be sure, but the Marlins can rebound in the next two games. Matt Cain, who has been somewhat erratic, squares off against Badenhop tonight. Can "Bad" continue the trend of fellow doormats Ricky Nolasco and Andrew Miller and become a dominant pitcher?

New nickname alert: If Badenhop turns in a strong outing, we'll start calling him Badass until further notice.

1 comment:

Jay Warman said...

I'm going to the game tonight, so a win is pretty much guaranteed.

Burke Badasshop outduels Matt Cain.