Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summoning The Lottery Ping-Pong Ball Gods...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Miami Heat as they try to have the ball bounce the right way for the first time in the 2007-2008 season!

Here's hoping Flash harnesses his super-hero powers and forces the ping-pong balls to bend to his overpowering will.


ASponge said...

The real key is to get down to the Final 2.

If I hear Miami called at #5 or 4, I'm going to be pissed

E.J. said...

I heard from Ira Winderman that the team with the worst record can't, under the draft lottery rules, get anywhere below #4. If true, that system has at least one rational thing going for it.

While Mayo, Bayless, and Lopez look like solid future NBA players, I'd seriously consider trade offers if we don't land the #1 or #2 spots.

ASponge said...

Keep in mind...Boston felt the same way last year, got the #5 pick, and then wound up getting Ray Allen AND KG.

I think the Heat can make something positive out of anything here, but an early pick would be much preferred.