Sunday, May 25, 2008

Double the Fun

No, I'm not talking about a threesome with the Spearmint twins...get your mind out of the gutter!

It's a doubleheader for the Marlins today, which is always more exciting. According to what Marlins Today reports, the opening matchup will feature Burke Badenhop vs. Matt Cain (yesterday's probables), the second Mark Hendrickson vs. Pat Misch. Assuming that holds true to form, both matchups can be favorable for the Fish today.

The key name to watch out for is Tim Lincecum. The Marlins do NOT want to face him...let's hope he's kept aside for the Giants' next series.

Come out to the game(s) and get double the pleasure, double the fun.


Jay Warman said...

Who would you rather befriend: the doublemint twins or the top two Marlins' Mermaids?

ASponge said...

Doublemint Twins. The Mermaids are way too skanky.

Jay Warman said...

Thats my point!