Friday, May 16, 2008

GM Martin signed long term... Coaching search begins... kind of

This according to Panthers general manager Jacques Martin has been signed through the 2011-2012 season. Martin also said earlier today that he doesn't see himself making any hurried decisions about hiring a new head coach. “I think in June is when I see picking up the coaching portfolio and doing some work,” Martin said. “I didn’t want to put a deadline on it. We’ll just wait to see where we’re at. Maybe it will develop quickly, and maybe it’s going to take a couple weeks.”

Martin then tossed out some names that might pop up... some have a plethora of NHL experience (Joel Quenneville, Pat Quinn, Pat Burns, Paul Maurice), while others are currently NHL assistant coaches. Martin also mentioned that he may even look into the AHL for some new coaching talent on the rise. Here's one quote that popped out to me. Martin said he plans to look for "an individual who has good teaching ability (because of) the age of our roster. One with good motivational skills, good communication skills. An individual who can work within the team framework with the organization.” Is it just me or is he describing everything he couldn't seem to do while he was the head coach? He couldn't get the younger players to live up to their potential. There were flashes, but no consistency (lack of teaching ability?) Motivation was often absent among the Panthers on a nightly basis. Again, some nights they looked like a contender. Other nights, they looked like a peewee house team. Martin butted heads with players, most publicly with team captain Olli Jokinen. Not exactly a demonstration of great communication skills, or "working within the team framework."

It does seem like he is dedicated to finding the right guy for this team, and perhaps even admit that he was unable to be that guy. There is no need to rush and just hire a big name if there is someone out there who would be a better fit. Hopefully Martin can get the coach who can get this team to finally live up to its potential.

In an unrelated matter, Team Finland, with Jokinen and Ville Peltonen, lost today's semi-final matchup with Russia 4-0. Finland looked nothing like the team they have been up to this point in the tournament, both physically and mentally. They were called twice within a matter of minutes for too many men on the ice late in the 3rd period, and hardly mustered much of a scoring threat for much of the game. Finland will take on the loser of Canada vs. Sweden.


Imber said...

Horrible move by the worst owner in the NHL, Alan Cohen. Martin has been nothing but bad for this franchise, and we could see more struggling until this contract is up. It's another sad day in Panthers land.

ASponge said...

Maybe I'm the only Martin sympathizer here, but I'm not so sure it's a bad move.

Get a good coach and Martin might be a more effective GM. Then again, maybe not.

FloridaPanthers4ever said...

Imber I know you are smarter than that!

Martin has made so many good moves. Just look. He got Matthias from a broken deal with Vancouver and sent Bert to Det for a kid who can turn out great.

Gary Roberts for Welch will pan out next year and we will see how good this kid from Harvard really is.

Long term contracts for Horton, Weiss, Allen. Bringing in Cullimore and Johansson. Belak - He drafted Frolik! Booth!

He will bring in a coach and hopefully get these guys signed.

Also he brought Vokoun here! Skrastins.. come on he has done a great job.

Lsat year, Ellerby, Zed, McLean. The only bad move was Dvorak. And then theres giving Kreps a chance to play, and we find out that we have a very good two way 3rd line player. I love what JM has done, just not as coach.

ASponge said...

Amusing note: Martin is the most common last name in France. Is Jacques Martin your average Martin?