Tuesday, May 27, 2008

30-20 and What it Means

There's a symmetry to the current Marlins' 30-20 record, a numerical perfection symbolic of a fantastic season. Let's take a closer look:

1. In the modern era, nearly every team employs a 5-man rotation. While there's some degree of variation, a 30-20 record essentially implies that through each turn of the rotation, the Fish take 3. That's an excellent achievement.

2. 10 above .500 through 50 games. Absolutely solid.

3. The Marlins were once 16-14, leading many to assume their hot start had ended. Not so! Since that day, the Fish are a whopping 14-6.

4. All this was accomplished with three starters on the DL, replaced by what many saw as inadequate substitutes, and Willingham has been out the whole month.

Doubters have tried to attribute the Marlins' success to good health, weak opponents, luck in 1-run games, etc. All those arguments look fit for the meat grinder today.

Yes, the Marlins are 30-20...and Monk couldn't be any happier.

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E.J. said...

The Fish have risen to the occasion despite most experts' faulty prognostications. You correctly highlight the large role that subs have played in the most recent run - the Marlins actually have quality depth.

Not only do they field a solid starting lineup with a puny payroll, but some amazing compensatory depth as well. Beinfest looks more and more like a genius every day.