Monday, May 12, 2008

Dolphins Salary Cap

I hate to break away from baseball talk, being that the Marlins currently own the best record in the league (it never gets old saying it).

It would be my duty, however, to send you over to PhinFever's new salary cap page, which illustrates the Dolphins' salary cap situation as lucidly as any place I've seen. A few notes:

Joey Porter is the proud owner of the biggest "Total Cap Hit" at $14,800,000. The fact that Porter dwarfs Jason Taylor (second on that list at $9,173,500) is evidence of how poorly managed the 'Fins were in the pre-Parcells era. Thankfully, those days are now over (we think).

Also of note: The Dolphins are absorbing $4,200,000 in dead weight from Daunte Culpepper...ouch. The total cap space remaining is $14,857,667, which should be put to good use as the Dolphins build a formidable squad.

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