Monday, May 12, 2008


Wow! I don't know where to start. The Rays are playing out of their minds right now and are looking damn good doing it. In fact they have been playing so well that I haven't had a new post in a week because of the state of shock that I'm just starting to recover from. Yet when looking back at the last couple of weeks the only explanation for their winning ways is that they are just playing good fundamental, baseball. I know that is not the sexiest awnser but it's the truth. The Rays have won 15 of their last 24 but more impressively have won six of their last seven series including three sweeps. But it's the way they have accumulated these wins that has really got the Bay are up in a frenzy.

Since the first day of spring manager Joe Maddon has been serious about installing a winning attitude based on the basics and the team has not only bought this message, they have invested it towards the future. Good pitching, timely hits, and most importantly, stellar defense can be accredited to the teams recent success. As I before mentioned, the attitude is the underlining factor here. This Rays team won't roll over any more when pushed against the wall, cause no one puts C.C. in the corner. This is a scrappy mix of youth and veteran leadership that proves good character and chemistry is the foundation for success. If you don't believe me just recap a few of the victories over the past couple of days.

Percy blows a save, no problem, Navarro will hit a grand slam in the 13th. Bullpen tired, no sweat, Sheilds and Kazmir will pitch deep into the game. Starting pitching having some issues, don't worry Crawford will do it all by himself. Remember it's not how you win, as long as you win. The other teams in the A.L. East have known this day will come, but know the rest of the league is paying witness to a franchise that doesn't let inflated payrolls or egos get in the way of playing the game the right way.


ASponge said...

I find myself asking the same questions. Could Florida really be having such a change of fortunes?

Let's ride this excitement!

Bryce Adams said...

I might have to make a trip south when inter-league starts.

ASponge said...

That's going to be hard...I've gotten attached to the Rays now.

Still have to go for the Marlins though...but I'll root for Tampa Bay every other game.