Thursday, May 8, 2008

The "Bad," "Ill," and "No!" Games

We've had copious discussions here at The South Florida Fan about the disparity in the Marlins rotation. Scott Olsen and Mark Hendrickson have excelled, collectively boasting a 9-2 record, while the unholy trinity of Burke Badenhop, Andrew Miller, and Ricky Nolasco account for 4-7.

Considering how poorly the bottom three have pitched, 4-7 is pretty startling. Here are their ERAs:

Badenhop: 6.31
Miller: 7.96
Nolasco: 6.10

Those are unacceptable numbers for any starting pitcher in the Major Leagues, let alone three on the same team!

So how have the Fish managed to work around it? You could argue timely hitting, but the real answer is through inconsistency. Badenhop, Miller, and Nolasco have essentially been good or terrible, with little in between. The games where they racked up the high ERA points, they blew the game wide open. In their other starts, they gave up only 2-3 runs.

Whenever the Marlins win when these guys pitch (such as last night, when Badenhop pitched extremely well), it almost feels like an extra win. DSponge and I have been speculating that the Marlins need to win the Olsen and Hendrickson starts and then one of the bottom three each week to stay in contention. That's not going to last forever, so ultimately one of these bottom three will have to join the ranks of respectability.

Nickname Note: These games will from heretoforth be referred to as the "Bad, Ill, and No" games (for BADenhop, MIller, NOlasco). This constitutes the second coined nickname from The South Florida Fan:

The South Florida Fan Record Book:
1. Coined The Great Andino for Robert Andino.
2. Coined "The Bad, Ill, and No" games.

We encourage all fellow Marlins bloggers to follow our lead.


Squathole said...

The return of the old Braves winning formula: "Spahn and Sain and two days of rain."

ASponge said...

Hahaha. Greaaaat comment.

Jay Warman said...

Last night's No game was a YES! 21-14!