Friday, May 9, 2008

20-14 Marlins? Yep!

Just a week ago, the curtain seemed to be falling on the Marlins' early-season masquerade. With the injuries to Jacobs and Willingham (still not back) catching up to them, "bad, ill and no" still floundering, and Kevin Gregg imploding, things did not look good. The home sweep at the hand of the Dodgers dropped them to 15-13. Storybook season in major jeopardy.

Then something happened. Was it inferior competition? Was it that Fredi Gonzalez switched the lineup around, igniting Hanley and Uggla to emerge from their slumps while increasing RBI production? Was it that in the same week, Andrew Miller and Burke Badenhop both turned in decent performances?

I think it was a combination of those things. Either way, the Marlins are sitting pretty once again. The only negative? Their NL East rivals, off to disappointing starts, have all heated up. The Braves win every day, the Phillies have played solid ball, and the Mets will be there to the end. 20-14 doesn't mean anything permanent, but it sure as hell beats 17-17.

Game Note: After going 2-3 with a HR, Matt Treanor is making a strong case for starting (or at least getting equal time). Let's take a look at Treanor vs. Rabelo now:

Treanor: .288/.362/.385 (How about that OBP!)
Rabelo: .238/.286/.302

Hmmm. Did I say equal time? There's no reason in the world not to start Treanor right now. The organization's quest to "save face" on the Tigers deal with Mike Rabelo is getting - as a friend would say - ridonculous.

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DSponge said...

Your absolutely right about Treanor. If your not gonna play him over Rabelo, atleast give him more than 1 start for every 4 Rabelo has.