Monday, June 2, 2008

Somebody Needs to Talk to Hanley

I've seen enough of Hanley struggling, all for the one repeating reason. He's going down on the same outside corner strike, AB after AB. Why isn't the team addressing this?

It's clear as day that he's not making the adjustment. Take that pitch and put it into right field! He's just sitting there, taking the strike, then wondering why he's struck out at least once in the last 15 games.

This has nothing to do with lineup order, who's batting around him, situation, or any other concocted reason. It's a simple problem so easy to fix, it's baffling. And at this rate, Hanley doesn't even belong on the All-Star team. Very sad, but true.


Christian said...

I completely agree. Usually when somebody is in a slump, you can see them trying to do things differently and adjust. I haven't seen Hanley improve one bit since his struggles began. It's almost like he's just "waiting" to wake himself up. It doesn't work that way. He's gotta work out of his slump on his own.

ASponge said...

I know! Even Rich and Tommy have been calling the outside strike now. Is anyone listening upstairs?