Sunday, June 1, 2008

Marlins-Phillies Part Trois: The South Florida Fan and Liberty Ball

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So the Phillies take the series. Not a banner day for the Marlins. That marks two games they've squandered on this road trip (the rubber game to the Mets). Losing two of three in Philadelphia against an extremely hot team is nothing to be ashamed of, but it's still disappointing.

In spite of all this, the Phillies only lead by 1/2 a game, and the Marlins can actually make it up with three fewer games played. Four huge games coming up against Atlanta. No Hudson and no Smoltz, so that's the good news. Take 3 of 4 there and the road trip turns out fine.

A great series for the Phillies, but they have a long way to go. Thanks for following and congratulations to Liberty Ball on the big series win.

Phillies strike for 2 on a big 2-out double from Burrell. Walks, wildness, will go down and haunt the Marlins here. A tough tough loss to take when leading 5-1.

Moyer also now on slate to go 8-0 against the Marlins. Unbelievable. This is a good inning to get going.

5-5. Geoff Jenkins comes up and hits a PH homerun. So much for that 5-1 lead holding up. A number of poor plays put the Marlins in this position, and now the game is in serious jeopardy.

Andrew Miller gets a no-decision. Moyer appears to be staying in, so he could still be a winner or loser. Shame. I wanted to hand him a Marlins loss for once. If the Fish want to do it, they'll need to score here in the 7th. Great game on our hands.

Sorry about the late start everyone. I had to be somewhere that lasted longer than expected.

So far it's been a great game. 3 more HRs (2-1 Fish in that department) and a 5-3 Marlins lead. I have to give Chase Utley some real credit now...3 HRs in 3 games. Where are you, Dan Uggla? My reputation is at stake!

Either way, it seems Mike Jacobs has figured out Jamie Moyer. 2 ABs, 2 HRs. That's been the game so far, but this one has a whole lot left. Middle of the 5th, 5-3 Marlins.


Stanley C. said...

Utley has 6 homers in the last 7 days. I was actually listening to the Rays game on the way to work and they were going through the out of town scoreboard and saw Utley's homer and went into a nice little tangent.

On a different note, I thought I'd get to finally watch the Fish today, as the game is nationally broadcast on TBS. Well, no such luck. Apparently Orlando is in the Marlins market, so no national broadcast due to blackouts. Blackout restrictions also apply to MLB.TV, so no go there. And Brighthouse Networks, the ONLY cable provider in major Orlando, does not carry Fox Sports Florida. It carries Sunshine, but not FSN. WHO CAN I CALL!?? Ugh, I mean's game tracker is pretty hi-tech, the Pitch FX thjng is unreal, but come on!

IT's 5-5 now, btw.

Stanley C. said...

The Reds are puttin a hurtin on the Braves, 6-2 now in the bottom of the 7th. Griffey just got intentionally walked, so he's still sitting on 599.

ASponge said...

These Braves losses are good for everybody.

As for the Marlins blackout situation, it's pure incompetence on the part of MLB. Did you know that people who live in Iowa are blacked out from 6 teams???

Cubs, White Sox, Cardinals, Royals, Twins, Brewers

Why on Earth would anyone in Iowa buy an MLB package??? That could be 6 of 15 games a night you can't watch (among the only teams they'd even root for). Disgraceful!

libertyball said...

Well we're 1 away from your over/under of 12 dingers. I wouldn't be surprised if the only runs scored for the rest of the game come off a homerun. Maybe Chase can really leave Uggla behind and get yet another one. He's at 20 right now. And he has 12 more RBIs. Your boy needs to get a hit soon...he's below .300.

libertyball said...

As for Cinci, Jay Bruce certainly appears to be the real deal. Most young stars with all that hype struggle for a little while. Not only did he reach base in his first 6 at-bats, but he has done well all week with another homerun today.

ASponge said...

Yeah, Jay Bruce has been ridiculous.

This is turning into a very exciting game. I wouldn't be surprised if the division comes down to games like these.

As for Uggla...noted. He absolutely sucks against Moyer and his breed. He needs some fastballs he can drive.

Stanley C. said...

Bruce had another RBI hit in the 7th. And its not even the blackout restrictions, so much as that there is no option for me to be able to watch the Marlins. Can't watch online because of local blackout, can't get the local coverage because cable co. doesn't carry the station for inexplicable, unfathomable reasons, can't get satellite cuz I live in an apartment. Sigh, oh well.

Reds are now 2 outs away from closing out that game. The Marlins game heading into the last 2 frames looks exciting.

libertyball said...

I have never really liked Tom Gordon. He's been pretty good this year, but you never know what he's going to do.

ASponge said...

I'm going to pretend it's the same Brad Lidge that have up the HR to Pujols.

Because that ERA looks pretty scary right now.

Uggla could be a hero and redeem himself.

libertyball said...

Ask Mike Jacobs if it's that same Brad Lidge.

Paul said...

So I unfortunately didn't make it out to the game today; I was to busy studying for the bar and getting ready to start my internship at the DA's office tomorrow. I'll have to go to two the next time the fish are in town to make up for my lapse.