Monday, June 9, 2008

The Low Down On Wade Redden

Before everybody gets overly excited about the potential Wade Redden signing, I come bearing news.

This may not be the exciting move everybody is waiting for to get the Panthers over the hump. Not only does signing Wade Redden ignore the lack of forwards the team has, but also may signal the end of a Panther we desperately need.

First things first. Why are the Panthers finally willing to overpay a player to land him? It's because Wade Redden goes way back with none other than Jacques Martin. Martin only signs people that he knows, and word has it that this clause may be on the verge of being built into every player's contract with the Panthers. You can only sign if you are a personal friend of Mr. Martin. This is evidenced by the coaching choices, as the candidates have pretty much been narrowed down to Paul Maurice and Andre Savard, both of whom are friends of Martin. It is really sick that Martin needs to know everybody he goes after. For the record, Maurice would be a much better choice than Savard, as Savard is basically a Martin clone.

Back to Redden. He is a puck moving, offensive defensemen. Remind you of someone who's contract is up? That's right, Jay Bouwmeester. Redden and Bouwmeester could never play on the same pairing, and by signing Redden, Martin may be waiving the white flag on the signing of Jay Bo. Not only would this be a horrible trade off because of age, but Bouwmeester's potential far outweighs anything Redden could bring to the table.

A team that gives up 74 shots a game does not need to be looking for an offensive defensemen. Look to forwards to bring you more offense, while concentrating on defensive defensemen like Bryan Allen to sure up that front.

Wade Redden put up 38 points and a +11 rating last season, but he isn't the answer to the problems in Panthersland. If anything, the money Florida puts out for him may prevent them from doing much else, further hampering the team.

Martin talks about how it is not necessary for the Panthers to have a coach in place by the start of free agency because the Panthers do not need to be very active in free agency. He's obviously up to his same old tricks. Frolik and Matthias are promising, but they will not lead the Panthers to a playoff run this season. Free agency is the only hope the Panthers have of significantly improving before next season. Somebody get me Martin on speed dial. I've got a few words for him.


FloridaPanthers4ever said...

ok a few things here:

1: Bouwmeester is waiting on what coach JM hires. Bouwmeester has a GREAT and LONG relationship with Perry Pearn of the NYR. Pearn is going to interview with JM next week! The reason for Pearn to be interviewed 1st is so they can have him signed and then Bouwmeester will obviously sign on because he wants Pearn to be the coach!

2. Redden doesn't score much! Why would they be willing to get him and dump Bouw? This makes no sense. Redden will come cheaper than he was his last FA period. They Panthers will steal him I have a feeling they will get him and pair him with Bouw.

3. Yes I agree that the offense will still struggle. They never go out and sign a top winger. They had their chance last year with all of those guys in their FA year. ZED? McLean? Dvorak haha? R U KIDDING ME? I said it all last offseason that they should have targeted Briere and go hard for him, and if that failed just go out and get a Sykora/Blake type player. But no they went the CHEAP way (the Panther way)!

This offseason might be the most important offseason in this teams history. It can make or break them hard for a long long time!

Imber said...

Even if Redden doesn't score much, he is still an offensive defenseman by definition. This would make a stupid pairing with Bo, as their plus minus would be way below sea level. Vokoun would face 50 shots a game with those guys out on the ice alone. Bo should stay with Allen and pair Redden with Tins or something like that.