Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Josh Johnson Back Soon?

I never really planned on Josh Johnson figuring into the Marlins' plans this year. Craig at Fish Stripes has been reporting the news, but he always speculated that if anything, Johnson would be a September callup in preparation for next year.

Well that tune seems to be changing, Fish Stripes now informs us. Here's an excerpt:

"Josh Johnson was expected to return from Tommy John surgery in late August or early September, but he is far ahead of that pace, and the Marlins believe he will be back around the All-Star break."

That is some unbelievable news! Let's face it...the Marlins rotation is decrepit right now. At this point, I might even bump Hendrickson next. If you watched his last few starts, you can see that he's clearly lost it, and last night he was beyond horrible. Suddenly, you could find yourself with a rotation of Olsen-Johnson-Nolasco-Miller-Tucker. That doesn't sound so bad, does it?

If Josh Johnson can return to old form (accompanied by a better offense these days), that could be a recipe for a guaranteed win every five days.

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E.J. said...

That is amazing news. I'm not expecting a return to his old form this year (Tommy John surgery is among the most grueling one can be asked to recover from), but even a somewhat diminished Johnson is better than what the alternatives are offering up at the moment.