Friday, May 2, 2008

Treanor or Rabelo...or John Baker?

Matt Treanor has been striking out with the regularity in which he eats his meals (thrice a day, with maybe a midnight snack), and Mike Rabelo hasn't been much better. Behind the plate, Treanor has been solid, Rabelo weak (and unprofessional, as shown when he spiked the ball on Tuesday night). Neither has persuaded any fans that he should be the starter, though Treanor is a competent backup in this league.

Future Fish has been touting the name John Baker since the beginning of this year. Yesterday he again made the case. Here's an excerpt:

"And what’s our friend John Baker hitting in Albuquerque you ask? He is hitting .414/.500/.569 with 7 extra base hits in 58 at bats. Remember last year when he couldn’t hit lefties and I suggested maybe he would be a good platoon partner? He’s 8 of 14 off southpaws with 3 walks and 3 strikeouts. Against righties, Baker is hitting .364/.440/.545 in 44 at bats. He’s flat out dominating the league right now."

As Future Fish admits, those numbers are in the inflated PCL, but they can't be ignored. Why not give Baker a try?

Of course, the Marlins have been trying to prove Rabelo's worth since they dealt Cabrera and Willis for him last summer. Sometimes a franchise needs to eat its mistakes and move on. Let's hope John Baker gets an opportunity soon.

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