Friday, May 2, 2008

Padres Series a New Opportunity

The three-game home sweep at the hands of the Dodgers was miserable to watch, riddled with 2007-like mistakes, and destructive to the Marlins' position in the standings. At 15-13, the Fish have fallen 1/2 a game behind the Phillies and even with the Mets (though the Mets have a slight percentage points advantage).

Fortunately, the Marlins have some reasons to be optimistic. Willingham and Jacobs should be returning to the lineup any day now, and tonight's pitching matchup of Hendrickson vs. Germano looks favorable. Peavy and Maddux will be tough acts on Saturday and Sunday, but the Marlins have shown an ability to hit good pitchers this year. (Of course, Andrew Miller is slated to pitch Sunday...ugh)

Regardless, the Marlins need to take 2 of 3 in the next two series to salvage this homestand. It starts tonight.

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Jay Warman said...

Fredi implemented MY LINEUP!!! And its working!